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Joe Drennan:


Originally from Chicago, Joe now lives in Austin, TX.  He has spent a great deal of time traveling, including 3 months in India where he studied tablas, flute, and yoga.  Most recently, he was a musical director for Second City Theatricals, providing music and sound design for sketch and improvisational comedy shows.  He has had the opportunity to work with many talented and famous comedians, including some now featured on Saturday Night Live and other popular television shows.  All of these experiences and interactions have helped to shape his music.


Joe received a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he played in the 1st jazz band (guitar), 1st jazz combo (piano), classical guitar quartet, and an original rock band (guitar and vocals). He has been teaching music for almost 20 years, and currently teaches all levels of piano, guitar, bass, and music theory. His other professional experiences include recording and touring with Wind-Up recording artists Company of Thieves (keyboards) and playing guitar onboard cruise ships.


Joe is very interested in physical and mental health (specifically yoga and meditation), and how these relate to making music. Through composing, performing, and teaching, he hopes to continue to grow and to inspire others to do so as well.